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DOUGZ Custom Paint & Fabrication in La Crosse, Wis. officially opened its doors for business in 1988 but Doug Wozney has been custom painting motorcycles, street rods, drag cars & exotics since the mid 70’s when he was in high school. Doug’s father was an auto mechanic in a small west-central Wisconsin farming community where he allowed Doug to paint in his shop on evenings and weekends to “keep the kid out of trouble”, but Doug will tell you it was to make money so he could run his 1970 GTO at the dragstrip. After graduating High School he moved to La Crosse where he worked as a machinist for 10 years while further honing his skills as a custom painter and fabricator.


By the time Doug left his employer he worked 40 hour weeks there and another40-60 hours building his part time business into a full time career. In the early days he worked in a two stall garage at his home and in 1993 built the shop that is his current location.


DOUGZ built their first one-off custom bike in 1995 which was featured in the then Nempco catalog and it wasn’t until 2002 before one of DOUGZ customs became a magazine feature bike. That bike was built for Dan Kinsey, world record holder at the Bonneville salt flats and Prototype division Manager at S&S Cycle. It goes without saying that if you’re asked to build a bike for someone as connected and knowledgable as Dan its quite an honor, and a statement about the reputation and quality DOUGZ is known for.


Early on, Doug’s inspiration came from bikes built by the true masters of the craft – Donnie Smith, Arlen Ness and Dave Perewitz being his favorites. “I have so much admiration and respect for guys like Donnie, Arlen, Dave and so many others who made a living doing this thing before it went Hollywood, and now we’re seeing some very talented young guns who will carry on the tradition for years to come”.


Doug is the builder of “Badfinger”, owned by Dustin Lamm. This bike won the Grand Champion award at the 1st Annual Donnie Smith Invitational at Rochester, Mn. in March 2006. The bike also brought home a 1st in Class trophy from the Supercycle show in Chicago a month earlier and was featured in the December 2007 issue of V-Twin Magazine, which made it the 5th DOUGZ  bike featured in a major publication – and 3rd of 2007! DOUGZ is also the builder of the bike that won the People’s Choice award at the S&S Cycle 50th Anniversary build-off, the Pro-Tour ‘X’ owned by Mark Platt. This bike also took home the 2nd in Class award at the same event, finishing ahead of some extremely tough competition from Orange County Choppers, Klockwerks Kustom Cycle, and Roger Bourget to name a few. 


DOUGZ has been turning out award winning work for over 20 years with the help of his ‘Right hand man’ Terry Miller. Doug is very ‘hands-on’ and every aspect of the custom bikes are handled in-house. All machining operations are handled by Doug, fabrication is usually completely handled by Doug as well, and of course the paint is always signature DOUGZ.


The highest number of custom built bikes they’ve produced in one year is 4 which was “Pushing it” according to Doug. Custom Paint is the bread and butter at DOUGZ so paint projects take presidence over everything else and dictate how many builds they take on. DOUGZ will remain a low volume ‘true custom’ bike builder because as Doug says “I’ve chosen to build only a few bikes every year with extremely high quality being the key component, rather than shit out a bunch of problematic junk.”


The growing popularity of the bagger style bikes is obvious at DOUGZ as well. Custom Paint, tank/fender modifications, wheels and accessories and requests for one-off components for baggers is becoming a normal day-to-day activity and from those projects stem ideas for new products and Doug has created a few which are available through their website at


From award winning full-on custom built bikes to a simple one color paint job on your tank and fenders or even a multi-colored eye popper for your Street Rod or Exotic, DOUGZ Custom Paint & Fabrication LLC is your one-stop custom shop.   


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