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How about some feedback?

It seems I seldom come over here to check this blog or add anything to it since finishing the first Pro-Tour ‘S’. It amazes me how many people have viewed it but haven’t left any comments – Isn’t that the reason for having a blog? To invite comments from others on the subject matter being covered? Virtually EVERY person who has sat on the Pro-Tour ‘S’ is amazed at the attributes of this converted bike, yet no one has ‘pulled the trigger’ on having one of these conversions done. There has to be a reason(s) why people aren’t latching onto this. In MY mind it makes total sense to take a hard look at this conversion.

1) Trikes are becoming quite popular with the ‘Empty Nest’ crowd. Is that purely because they’re looking for a machine that has storage capabilities, but they fear they won’t be able to hold up the nearly 900 pound machines available, so the trike seems like the ONLY alternative? This conversion weighs in UNDER 600 pounds and has almost exactly the same amount of storage space as a pair of standard FL hardbags. It has a LOW center-of-gravity.

2) The STARTING price of an FL type bagger is the END price of this converted machine – what else needs to be said?

Here’s the point of this post: I’m hoping to get some HONEST feedback from those of you who are reading this blog. I’m a big boy with very thick skin and I view comments about any of my products/work as ‘constructive criticism’ (as long as you keep it clean and don’t take ignorant personal shots at me).

So lay it on me! Is the price point still too expensive? Are you just not willing to spend that kind of money on a Sportster? Is it too futuristic? Am I focusing on the wrong market / am I not marketing it enough / what marketing tips can you give to get this in front of more people? Hit me up with comments here or email me at DOUG@DOUGZ.COM with any comments/ideas you’d be willing to share. I PROMISE all comments will be kept confidential (if you email me directly – I can’t hide comments here on the blog). I’m inviting you to hit me with everything you’ve got because I need brutal honesty to understand the likes and dislikes of this bike. You never know, you may suggest something I hadn’t thought of that I can incorporate into the ‘Generation 2 – Pro-Tour ‘S’!