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Pro-Tour ‘S’ seat vs. stock FL seat comparison

Its amazing how time flys when you’re buried neck deep in projects! It been 5 months since my last post and if you’ve been keeping up with me through my website or my Dougz Custom Paint & Fabrication fan page on FaceBook you’ve got a pretty good idea why its been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Besides the fact that its cold and snowing here in Wisconsin which leaves me very little to report on the performance/ride quality/etc. with the Pro-Tour ‘S’, I’ve been extremely focused on creating some new components for other H-D models.
I’m now producing Chin fairings for the XL and Dyna models in an extremely durable ABS Composite material and I’m in the final stages of creating a ¼ fairing for the dual-headlight Dyna FatBob. As soon as that’s done I’m going to work on a mold for the FL Bagger chin fairing so I can produce that in the ABS Composite as well.
If my sales numbers are any indication of the growing popularity of the XL models, I have to believe it is one of the strongest platforms the Motor Company has right now. The XL fairings are out-selling the Dyna chins 2 to 1.
OK, lets get back to the focus of this blog – the Pro-Tour ‘S’! As I find time I’m going to post images and text that focus on separate attributes of the Pro-Tour ‘S’ – many of them will remain intact on the Generation 2 .
Being it is a topic I posted on today on Facebook the first image is an overhead shot of the Pro-Tour being compared to an overhead shot of a Road Glide. A few people have mentioned the fact that they think the clamshell looks somewhat wide, when in reality the clamshell (saddlebag) area is at least 6 inches narrower than an FL – 27 inches wide for the Pro-Tour in comparison to 33 inches on the FL. I think the reason people get that impression is because of how I shaped the seat on the Pro-Tour. It is every bit as wide as a bagger seat where your butt cheeks will rest, however I purposely tapered it down to a very narrow width at the front which makes it even easier for people with a short inseam to sit flat-footed at a stop, and in reality, none of the riders weight is supported forward of their crotch so why even have the seat shaped wide there? It only gets in the way no matter what your inseam measurement is. I think it is this narrow area that accentuates the clamshell shape and gives the impression that its wider than stock FL bags.