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post Sturgis post

The Pro-Tour ‘S’ had a great showing in Sturgis! I ran out of my tri-fold brochures late Friday afternoon despite my efforts to hand them out only to people who genuinely seemed interested in this transformation. I want to thank everyone who came by to view and sit on the bike – in the short time I was there with it, from Wednesday afternoon until Friday evening, I counted at least 240 people that experienced the feel of being ‘in the pocket’ of the Pro-Tour ‘S’.

After catching their breath from the surprise of the light weight and low center-of-gravity the two main questions were How much for the kit? and How long will you have my bike? If you look at an earlier post, I’ve priced out the individual components and their associated labor costs. With every component you see on the first Pro-Tour ‘S’ included, the grand total in parts and labor comes out to just under $14,500.00. This does not include the cost of the donor bike or paint. What you’ll get back is a complete turn-key rideable bike with all components installed with a protective coat of black epoxy primer – ready to be sanded and painted. (I’ll be happy to paint your bike as well, but I don’t include the pricing for paint in the package because of the obvious variables). Some people may choose to omit the front fender and/or the fairing, depending on their taste and budget which would reduce the price – you’ll need to look at that pricing schedule to compute what your total cost would be. Regarding the second question – “How long will I have your bike?” – currently we are looking at a 12-14 week turn-around, but I am going into my busy season with winter paint jobs and other customizing projects so if you think you want to have this transformation done in time for Spring 2012 the window of opportunity is closing rapidly as I can only fitĀ  a certain amount of work into my schedule and when its full – its full. I’m just beginning a Pro-Tour project on a non-XL chassis which will make its debut at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati in Feb. 2012 and only have room for a few more Pro-Tour ‘S’ conversions before I close the schedule book for winter 2011-2012. With the exposure the bike received in Sturgis I expect the winter schedule will be filled within the next few weeks. All it takes to get on my schedule for a Pro-Tour ‘S’ conversion is a phone call or email and a deposit of $500.00 – even if we can’t work out ALL the details of your project immediately (paint color-handlebar selection-footrest location-etc.) the 500 bucks locks in a spot on my schedule, and obviously goes toward the project when completed. So don’t procrastinate people!!!! Lets get you on the schedule soon or you’ll be waiting for it when everyone else is riding early next summer, and we all know how bad THAT sucks!!