Wait, it weighs what?

Here’s your proof of weight my people. Our good friends at Alter Trading, just down the street from my shop here in the Industrial park, were kind enough to let me roll the Pro-Tour ‘S’ across their scale to see what this puppy weighs – full of gas and all lubricants – and it came in at a dead even 560 pounds. That is exactly 250 pounds less than a 2010 StreetGlide and 154 pounds less than a FatBoy. Zoom in on the image – the top left is a cropped image of the digital readout in the scalehouse window, and the top right is a printout from the scalehouse. How much MORE horsepower does a Big Twin need to make up for all that weight in order to keep pace with this bike?

A stock 1992 Sportster (which this chassis is) weighed 498 pounds, so with the changes made to transform this we picked up about 62 pounds. A little more than I expected, but certainly leaving the description “Lightweight” intact. You should expect to add that same 60 sum pounds to whatever the baseline weight is for the model/year XL we start with. One other item – I filled the bike with gas today, it wasn’t on reserve yet so I’m guessing it had about a half gallon in it, and I added 4.47 gallons to fill it ‘not quite’ to the top. So the fuel capacity of this tank is right at about 5 gallons, which is about right for gas stops on the long rides.


1 Response to “Wait, it weighs what?”

  1. 1 Mark Platt
    July 25, 2011 at 3:46 am

    My recollection is that 9lbs = 1hp… Nice job Doug!

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