The Pro-Tour ‘S’ has gone viral

I’ve finally gotten to the point where I want to start showing video clips about the Pro-Tour ‘S’ and have loaded a couple on YouTube. Here’s a link to the second one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXIBPi2gf9Q

Please be patient with me on this because I’m a COMPLETE rookie at YouTube and the stuff I put up to begin with will undoubtedly be pretty amateur quality. I AM open to any and all suggestions to give everyone a better quality video, so fire suggestions at me and, if I can figure out what you’re telling me, I’ll implement it in future videos. Tell me what items/features on the Pro-Tour ‘S’ interest you and I’ll answer them in video format.

Now for a progress report on the bike itself: It LIVES!!! I did the initial warm-up cycles on the engine a couple of weeks ago, rolled it off the table and immediately realized the rear tire was very low on air. As some of you may have noticed, this bike has a two piece spun aluminum wheel out back and sometime between the mock up and painting the wheel, the silicone that served as a seal between the halves must have been disturbed and it had failed. I aired the tire up, took the bike for a short ride down the block and it felt like the bike had something holding it back – like one of the brakes was hanging up – after rolling back in the shop parking lot I shut it down and pushed it into the shop, with a whole lot of resistance! The tire was down to 5 pounds air pressure, in less than 5 minutes!

The following morning I rolled the bike back up on the table, and put a lift under it to elevate the rear tire. I then found that even with the tire elevated the rear wheel still had a TON of rolling resistance. To make an already long story short, I diagnosed what was making the rear caliper hang up, repaired that, and proceeded to dismount the rear wheel and tore it COMPLETELY apart so I could thoroughly clean and re-silicone the halves together.

Got it all put back together, and have now got about 5 miles on the bike as I took a badly needed vacation with my bride, my daughter and her boyfriend last week. I’m hoping to take it to bike night (at Rudy’s Drive-In) later this week if I get a chance to swing over to the DMV to get the registration crapola taken care of. Right now the engine feels exceptionally strong, but the lifters aren’t pumping up completely (a common issue as I understand it) so mechanically its rather noisy. I’m hoping they pump up soon because all that racket bugs the shit outta me! I’m told it can sometimes take as many as 50 miles before they start pumping up to where they’re supposed to be.

With this being a 100 inch S&S engine rigidly mounted in the 2003-earlier style chassis I’m definitely recognizing the fact that this won’t be the best platform if a client is planning on serious touring, and I expected that from the start. The 2004 and later rubbermount XL’s will be a much better platform for maximum comfort on long hauls – however this one will be absolutely KICK ASS in the performance area! You can really feel this engine and I’m looking forward to seeing how well this hotrod performs at the drag strip. It should really rip through the quarter mile with 115 rear wheel horsepower and (I’m guessing) just under 600 pounds. I’ll try to get the bike over a scale within the next couple of weeks to let everyone know what the final weight is. The other upside to having this first Pro-Tour ‘S’ built on the rigid mounted engine platform is it’ll make for a good test of the fiberglass components I’ve created here. If they hold up well on THIS bike there should NEVER be any problems with the fiberglass components on the 2004 and later rubbermount XL platform.


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