The Pro-Tour ‘S’ is FINALLY coming to life!

Since the Donnie Smith show at the end of March, the Pro-Tour ‘S’ has been patiently waiting in the showroom  for wiring to bring it to life. The entire month before the ‘Donnie’ was focused on the Pro-Tour ‘S’ and following the show I found myself  WAY behind schedule on projects for clients – its taken me this long to dig myself out of that backlog. Instead of using a stock Harley wiring harness on this one, I decided to scratch-wire it, and I’m a little over half way done with it. I’ll post images of the wiring under the seat area when its completed. My goal is to have it done by early this coming week as Steve Berner – Editor of IronWorks Magazine is passing through La Crosse toward the end of the week and I’m hoping to give him the chance to pilot this machine. Also, next weekend is the annual J&P Cycle Open House in Anamosa, Iowa. If all goes according to plan, I may have the Pro-Tour ‘S’ on display at the Legends Air Suspension vendor location, so be sure to stop in and saddle-up on this bike – thats right – I INVITE people to sit on it!  

Paul Holdworth – the ‘Meddling Editor’ of IronWorks – first viewed the Pro-Tour ‘S’ in its early stages a couple of years ago and immediately asked for exclusivity, so in a few months a full feature of the bike should be on the newstands. I’ll keep everyone watching this blog posted on what’s going on with the magazine feature. Meanwhile, be sure to let everyone you know that may be interested in this kind of transformation for their XL to check this blog out.


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