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Sometimes you look at a project and think to yourself  “This will be a cakewalk – it’ll only take a few hours to knock this out.” Then you get into it, and realize there’s more to it than what you’d ever imagined.

This was the case yesterday as I got into creating the drive pulley cover for the Pro-Tour ‘S’. At first glance (or in my case at first drawing) I’ve got a design all figured out that I think will have a good aesthetic, which it does, but suddenly I realized it wasn’t going to be functional in that I want it to be easily removable for drive belt replacement in case I snap a belt at the drag strip. Here’s a computer drawing of what I’m trying to create…

Pretty simply hah? The two 1/4-20 mounting bosses for the stock pulley cover are obvious attachment points, and there are a couple more locations not visible in this image at the front of the pulley as well.  So my thoughts are to simply attach it there, then go up-over the top of the belt-and back down the front creating this cover that still leaves part of the pulley exposed for a lightweight ‘mechanical’ look. The problem was, with the rear exhaust pipe in place, I couldn’t lift the cover straight ‘up’ to remove it, and I don’t want to pull the rear pipe off for something as simple as this. Its just another reason I think the XL platform makes so much sense – being right side drive, belt replacement is quick in  comparison to a Big Twin where you have to pull the ENTIRE primary drive and inner/outer covers off JUST to get to the belt. Then you have to remove the rear wheel on most models and even need to remove the swingarm pivot/mount to get the new belt on. What a major pain in the ass for a simple belt replacement! On an XL all you have to do is remove the pulley cover and the right side shock and, like magic the belt can be installed! We’re talkin’ at least 3 extra hours of labor on a Big Twin every time a belt shreads itself.

I digress… After about 4 hours of pondering, I finally figured out how to make this design work AND it’ll still be easily removable for belt replacement. I’ll get this finished up this week and will add an image when done.

Keep this in mind – The only reason I had to go through this with the belt pulley is because the one I’m using has a 3/4 inch offset in it to accommodate the 180 tire I’ll install on the bike. I’d suggest using the 150 that’s stock on the rubbermount (2004-newer) models. The bike will handle awesome and you won’t be pissin’ away horsepower trying to spin up a bigger tire. PLUS you’ll be saving yourself at least a couple grand in expense when you figure the labor time to create this stuff, the wider tire and wheel and the offset pulley.


Gas tank is fabbed up

I purchased tank halves from Russ Wernimont, (the ones they use to create their spectacular looking bagger tanks) joined them in the middle at a width I thought looked proportionate, and considered the amount of fuel I wanted them to carry. I  haven’t measured the capacity yet, as I’m waiting on a filler neck to be welded in, but I’m expecting it’ll be in the 5 gallon area – perfect for long distance runs. I created the tunnel and the areas just left and right of the tunnel to make clearance for the rocker covers. As you’ve seen in previous images, I’ve dropped the tank over the front head to have continuity with the  “Wedge” stance of the entire bike. I’m going to create a small drive pulley cover, and need to make a muffler attachment point yet and then the engine comes out for painting of the cylinders, rocker covers, push rod tubes and cam cover. Then its off to my buddy Justin Bramstedt, who is an R&D Lead at S&S Cycle Inc. for final assembly. I just commited to a booth space at the Donnie Smith Invitational in St. Paul, Mn. on March 26-27th where I’ll have the completed Pro-Tour ‘S’ on display for the first time. Hoping to get alot of positive response from this conversion as I bring it to the market.