Forward controls-check/chin fairing-check

With the drop seat sticking me so much deeper ‘in’ the bike I found the stock position of the forward controls a bit closer to me than I prefer. I happen to have the stock aluminum forward control/lower motor mount brackets as well as the steel ones used with mid-control bikes, so I decided to use the steel ones. By adding material to them I was then able to install the forward controls about 1 inch forward and another inch lower than the stock aluminum mounts allowed. That doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a big difference. Using the pre-2004 rigid mount chassis with the 180 tire out back forced me to use a 7/8 inch offset transmission pulley, which forced me to delete the stock pulley cover, which forced me to delete the rear master cylinder location – you never end up making ONE little change! I had a rear master cyl. laying around from (I think) a Dyna, which fit perfectly in the spot you can see here in the image.

I think I’ll try to impress on every client wanting this conversion to stick with the stock width rear tire (it’ll handle better that way anyhow and won’t piss away horsepower), maybe we’ll be able to bump it up to a 160 without any modification. Leaving the stock or slightly larger tire will help keep expenses down because the only thing needed for the drivetrain will be the longer V-Rod belt.

I like the look of a chin fairing on bikes because it gives the bike a more sleek and lower look, plus it gives us a nice place to add the color of the sheetmetal to that part of the bike which is pretty plain looking without the fairing. I created this one, which I’ve given the Pro-Tour ‘S’ moniker. It is already available as a bolt-on for rigid mount and rubbermount XL’s. Just email me at doug@dougz.com or call 608-783-3684 to order one. I accept Visa and Mastercard. It is made of hand-laid fiberglass and comes to you in paint-ready gelcoat and there is a black powdercoated mounting bracket that comes with it as well. It sells for $139.99 (including mounting bracket) plus shipping.
Next up is creating a tunnel for the gas tank and mounts for it. Then the oil tank gets finished off. Stay tuned – we’re getting damn close now!


2 Responses to “Forward controls-check/chin fairing-check”

  1. October 28, 2010 at 4:16 pm


    Been following this build for a while and it’s exciting to see so much progress lately. Looking forward to seeing it complete and on the road. You mentioned in earlier posts that you’d like to eventually offer a kit so it can be a DIY project, obviously not for the casual tinkerer, but for the serious mechanical types. I would assume then that a fairing could be purchased as well?

    Mark Jags

  2. 2 dougz
    October 29, 2010 at 3:12 am


    You are correct in that this won’t be a project for the novice however I’ll offer services ranging from only doing the frame modification to complete turn-key done conversions, and everything in between. I’ll do the complete mock-up and if the client has their own painter they’ll want to use I’m perfectly fine with that as well.

    The chin fairing sells for $139.99 + shipping

    The Pro-Tour fairing sells for $1345.00 + shipping and includes mounting hardware and windshield. Go to http://www.zerogravity-racing.com for windshield color selections.

    A side note on the Pro-Tour fairing: It is currently a bolt-on for the 39mm Narrow Glide front end only, and you’ll need to re-position your headlight (forward and down) slightly. I created a one-off mounting for Mark Platt’s Pro-Tour ‘X’ and another client has mounted it on a Victory with some modification as well. Both of those modifications required fiberglassing skills.

    Another note: The fairing looks like it’ll offer great protection in the Pro-Tour ‘S’ chassis because of the deep drop-seat. It works pretty well on Mark’s Pro-Tour ‘X’ which has a slight drop seat configuration. I’m going to play with a Laminarlip http://www.laminarlip.com to see if I can take about 4 inches off of Mark’s ‘touring’ windshield I had custom made for his bike and I’m going to get one for the Pro-Tour ‘S’ as well to see if the lip will toss the wind over my head completely with the ‘out of the box’ Zero Gravity windshields.

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