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We’ve got an exhaust system

The exhaust is all but finished. I’m going to create a ‘tip’ embellishment for the tail-end of the muffler to help dump the spent gases downward.  I used 2 1/8″ ID primary tubing for the primary pipes and purchased a racing collector which I TIG welded to a highly modified Stock bagger muffler.  My goal in this conversion is to keep costs down and I think with a little creativity its possible to use many stock components that came from the original bike or from another model that can be purchased cheaply on Ebay or Craigslist. This muffler is an example of that philosophy. I want the exhaust to work well (be as unrestricted as possible) but be relatively quiet. If this has the db level of a stock Buell exhaust system I’ll be very happy – thats what I’m after. A deep/throaty note. I know many will think this is crazy because they love loud-ass pipes, but I’m simply past that point in my life, PLUS I already have to wear hearing aids to be able to have a conversation with anyone, so further damage to my ear drums is a big no-no. I’m sure I’ve sacrificed a little low-end torque using such big diameter primarys on this, but I wanted to make sure the 100 inch mill wouldn’t have anything behind the exhaust valves holding it back from breathing as freely as possible. I think a good collector (like the one I’m using on this) will help each cylinder clear the other of spent fuel and may make up at least some of  the torque I would have had with smaller primaries. The dyno will be the judge.