A prime clamshell

Well, the clamshell is officially in primer. I’ll wetsand this next then will hit it with mold release to make a mold from it. So instead of taking weeks to have a finished outer clamshell, it’ll now only take a few days! Lots of hours making the design changes/updates to the clamshell, but I think the results are worth it. I’ve gained a small amount of storage space, taken away the ‘boxy’ look of the original design and by adding the ‘gunfighter’ area have created a mini-backrest. Fear not, if someone would want the ‘first design’ clamshell, I’ve got a mold for that, so I’ll be able to accommodate those requests as well.

I’ve got a StreetGlide in the shop that’s getting an FBI long fender installed out back, and I’m installing ‘smooth mount’ LED’s that’ll tie into the existing graphics on the bike, so the Pro-Tour ‘S’ project will sit idle for the remainder of this week while I knock out the StreetGlide project. Plus I’ve got a couple of my ‘RAPPER’ embellishments to paint for some clients, so my week is pretty well filled up. It sure feels good to see this in primer because that’s a sign of getting close to the end of the mock-up and I can’t wait to tear this apart for paint and final assembly!


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