Actual storage space numbers

Before I get caught in a big fat lie I have some new information to share. In the Nov. 3, 2008 posting I have a comparison chart. In that chart it says that there is MORE storage in 4 separate compartments than there is in a pair of H-D hardbags. Well – I finished off one side of the rear storage compartments today so I thought to myself “I better verify that information to be sure I’m being accurate in my description”. What I found out was that each rear storage compartment will hold 1077 cubic inches of ‘stuff’ and the mid-frame storage compartments hold 346 cubic inches of additional ‘stuff’, totaling 1423 cubic inches of storage per side of the bike. The H-D hardbags hold 1617 cubic inches of ‘stuff’ so in all actuality the H-D bags hold slightly MORE than the Pro-Tour ‘S’ storage compartments. The H-D hardbags hold the equivalent of a 6 inch cube more per side. Not a whole bunch – but to be up front and honest, it is more.  
Now with that being cleared up let me make a couple of points about the difference between the two storage ‘systems’.  First one is – do you ever notice when you’re looking for something in your saddlebags its usually at the bottom of the bag, and its usually something small you’re looking for? Wouldn’t it be handy to have a separate compartment to put some of these smaller items so you don’t have to lay half your crap out on the street while diggin’ for that small item? Thats where the mid-frame storage compartments will shine. Put your smaller items in them and put your leathers, rain gear, purse, y’know that kinda junk in the larger rear storage compartments. The second thing I want to touch on is – this particular Pro-Tour is 4 1/2 inches NARROWER than a StreetGlide, and if having that little bit more storage thats available in the H-D bags is that important, I guess we could always make the clamshell wider – so much wider in fact that you could have a whole bunch MORE storage than the H-D bags. My guess is, once you’ve experienced having 4 compartments instead of 2 you’d find the Pro-Tour storage to be more than sufficient.
While I’m on the subject of storage, I’d like to add that I plan on creating a luggage rack that can be mounted in the same mounting holes used to mount the passenger seat on the ‘gunfighter’ area of the clamshell. That will allow you to securely hold any T-Bag or Saddlemen luggage you have for when you’re out on a long trip.


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