Surfin’ on the clamshell

Go ahead, toss 230 pounds of Polish fat ass on the clamshell and bounce on it as much as you want. This is hand-laid glass with 8 solid layers of 1.5 oz. chopped strand mat across the entire passenger seat area and another 4 layers extending an additional 8 inches left-right and behind the passenger seating area. You’re NOT going to have any problems with the glass cracking or weakening down the road. If I wasn’t confident my glass work would hold up, you can bet you wouldn’t see me surfin’ like this. These parts are made to last for years of trouble-free enjoyment.  Think of how tough a fiberglass boat hull needs to be to endure the punishment they take every time they’re on the water – one constant belly flop after another. This is every bit as durable.

Oh yeah one more thing. I’ve finished the access opening on the left side mid-frame storage area. This side has even more cubic inches of storage space than the right side does, because it doesn’t have the provision for the V-Rod drive belt. I won’t count that extra space when mentioning storage capacity – just to assure everyone that I’m not exaggerating how much storage we’ve got here.


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