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Pro-Tour ‘S’ update 11/20-08

Its been a bit since I’ve been able to work on the project but I’ve devoted the last day and 1/2 to it so here are a couple of images of the ‘inner-workings’ of the clamshell as I’m working out the location for the heim joint hinge mount. I’ve laid in enough glass to attach the hinge brackets to the outer clamshell. Next step is bending up all the rear sub-frame tubing that’ll attach the heim joints to the main frame as well as provide an attachment point for the rear exhaust mount.

For those of you who are paying real close attention you’ve probably noticed the drive pulley I’ve got on the Sportster Bagger. My buddy James Simonelli over at Baker Drivetrain got me all set up with this 7/8 inch offset pulley and it lines the belt up perfectly! Thanks James.

dsc02953 dsc029541


Comparison chart

I just thought I’d add this ‘Comparison Chart’ for all to ponder. I won’t have all the final capacities and specs until I’m closer to completion but this should give a pretty good idea of how the finished bike will spec out. I did the comparison with the StreetGlide and Fatboy as they are similar in purpose. I’d like to think the target market for this conversion kit would be those who want all the attributes of a full size bagger minus the characteristic weight associated with them, but with the right engine mods this has the potential to be one very quick scoot that’d be appealing to the younger crowd as well. This particular bike will have an S&S 100 cu. in. engine which with a little practice should be able to run the 1/4 mile in the mid to high 10 second range… most crotch rockets can’t do that.